Envisioning a symbiotic future for 71% of our planet. Let’s increase economic growth while nurturing the beautiful.


Blue Symbiosis will repurpose retired oil and gas infrastructure to seaweed cultivation sites as an alternative to complete removal, under circumstances when it is environmentally positive. The offshore gas platform forms the trunk, Blue Symbiosis adds the branches, then the leaves can grow- While decommissioning costs are saved in the process. This will help us to scale up seaweed production large enough to restore the oceans health and to use seaweed as a product in 100-year construction materials.

At Blue Symbiosis we help oil and gas companies address Sustainable Development Goals by repurposing decommissioned oil and gas infrastructure to grow seaweed. Oil and gas operators don’t need to hide the facts, with Blue Symbiosis they can create new facts.


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Officially endorsed as a UN Decade of the Ocean Action