Envisioning a symbiotic future for 71% of our planet. Let’s increase economic growth while restoring the beautiful.


Blue Symbiosis believes all visions are interlinked and that we can only realize them if we collaborate. We are a project development company with a system-wide approach. We nurture and unite symbiotic ocean-related visions to create value for all stakeholders, the environment and the climate. A great vision isn’t up to one company, but to be shared, achieved and rewarded together. 

We believe a healthy society, healthy people and a healthy environment can only be created by working with the ocean in a symbiotic way- We call it the Ocean Utopia. A better world can be created by working with the ocean to realise our abundant future.


We are an international team of experienced and creativity united by a global vision. We have deployment, operational and research capabilities. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch for any business or media enquiries.


We focus on these 7 core United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


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Officially endorsed as a UN Decade of the Ocean Action.